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Tech Leaders Founder Ewelina Wołoszyn Talks To Durtti About Her Ambitious Plans For International Growth

Machine Learning Entrepreneur Ewelina Wołoszyn has her finger in many pies, such is her unrelenting appetite for building highly effective tech communities across multiple industry verticals. Durtti wants Ewelina to discuss her plans for growth.

Tell us about Tech Leaders, the mentoring program you have created, Ewelina.

I believe that diversity means enrichment. That’s why I created Tech Leaders – a 4 month international mentoring program for women in IT.

We reached out to the best of the best. In two editions, we convinced more than 120 experts from different branches such as marketing, public relations, software development, user experience, project management, sales, public speaking, business development and venture capital to dedicate their free time to build with me a supporting environment that we all want to live in.

We developed a cooperation with well-known companies such as Google, Allegro Group, Sabre, IG, VML Group, and Spring. In doing so, we have reached mentees from Europe, Asia and America.

We are proud that we also got much media attention and that this initiative was an example for creating similar programs in a lot of IT companies in Poland.

Now, we are talking with communities and organisations around the world.

Our goal in 2017 is to create independent Tech Leaders programs on each continent.

You are also the CEO of Lonsley, a machine learning software solutions company. Can you describe Lonsley in 20 words or less?

Lonsley is your starting point to grow and expand your business by introducing the latest innovations and solutions in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Who has had the biggest influence in your life to date and why?

Two people, my grandma and my older brother.

My grandma passed away one year ago due to cancer, but I will always remember her lessons. She never complained, ever – even in the last days of her life, when she struggled with unimaginable pain.

Every day she smiled and joked a lot, but she never judged others.

She was spontaneous, super smart, and always supportive – and she truly listened to others. Everywhere she went, people loved her.

My older brother is super supportive and always reminds me that everything is possible. He is my best friend. We spend hours and hours talking about everything. Once we were talking for four hours and we had completely different points of view. And at the end of it, our perspective didn’t change, because we were talking to understand each other better, not to prove that someone is right. And don’t we all want to be listened to deeply, and express ourselves to the fullest without being judged by others?

Having those two people close to me has been my greatest gift.

As humans, we all have good days and bad days! How do you go about turning things around when they are not going your way?

If something is not right, I change my mood. I speak with my boyfriend, with family or friends, or I dance, sing, listen to music or meditate – depending on what I feel like doing. And after a while I go back and I search for the best solution.

When you deal with a challenge with a new perspective, you can find better solutions.

The Artificial Intelligence Group

Tell us about the project you have been working on that was presented at the United Nations World Data Forum in Cape Town.

It is a result of the cooperation with World Data Lab and it is a scientific project. It focuses on healthcare/demography and income by analysing people’s data and the patterns in societies around the world. It opens many doors of opportunity to use in healthcare, marketing, sales and so on. By using this data, you can, for example, prevent diseases or create products that better meet your client’s needs.

Which industries do you believe will be the most commercially successful at adopting artificial intelligence solutions in the next 3-5 years?

This is a hard question, because most industries are already adopting artificial intelligence solutions, like automotive, IT, med-tech and fin-tech.

There will be no industries that won’t be able to use AI solutions in the future.

You have also founded an initiative called Startup Sprint. Tell us more.

The main goal of Startup Sprint is to support entrepreneurship and innovation and to create efficient knowledge bridges between people who want to create their own startup and more experienced business professionals.

It is a three-day event during which an interdisciplinary group verifies the business ideas activities carried out by the business practitioners.

I created six editions of this event, my favourite of which was the Startup Sprint Silver Tsunami.

Silver Tsunami is a metaphor used to describe the aging of the population. I found it extremely important because this wave will reach 44% of society in 2029 in Poland.

Finally, Ewelina, what’s the most valuable piece of business advice you have ever been given?

The best piece of advice I have ever received has been to listen to my intuition, because it tells me the truth about my dreams, the paths I should follow and the actions I should take.

We have all the answers inside of ourselves and it depends on us if we want to listen.

And one more thing: if I ever have a ‘limiting’ belief, there is always an irresistible offer waiting in front of my eyes – to change that belief to a better one!

More at www.lonsley.com

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Ewelina is a member of The Artificial Intelligence Group on LinkedIn.