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Stéphanie Boutet-Fajol Talks To Durtti About How Her Business Is Changing The Way Travellers Experience Paris

Successful lawyer Stéphanie Boutet-Fajol’s huge business network and passion for her hometown of Paris have played a major role in her decision to start Sacrebleu Paris, which creates bespoke luxury stays for discerning travellers. Durtti wants to know what else was behind Stéphanie’s decision to start Sacrebleu and what plans she has to build the brand.

What is the happiest memory you have of your childhood, Stéphanie?

I was born into a Parisian family. Unfortunately, my parents got married late and I was the only child at home. I remember exactly the day when my parents took me outside of Paris to get me a cat. I was the happiest girl in the world that day! The cat was a true Parisian: grumpy, but lovely.

As a third generation entrepreneur, is there one special piece of business advice that either your grandparents or your parents passed on to you?

I grew up above the mustard factory belonging to my family. My mother was one of the first women to be a CEO in the 70’s and she had to face the difficulties of being a working mother – and a boss of men! She always told me to stand strong during the storm.

Was it an easy and quick decision for you to leave a legal career to start your own business or did you take time before you finally made the change?

I worked as a real estate lawyer for 10 years and I did even more than 10 years of studies, working and having my children at the same time.

The idea of leaving my career was a thoughtful choice. I’d had this idea for about 5 years.

The ‘turning point’ was when I had my second child while I was considering becoming a partner. I needed to find a balance between my job and my family. Being my own boss was something that I wanted for a long time. So, I did my business plan during my maternity leave and then I jumped!

What is it about Paris that most excites you?

I love my city. I am a true Parisian, born and raised here.

What excites me the most about Paris is it’s capacity to be the most beautiful city in the world with all its “clichés” whilst at the same time it’s strength to develop new talents, new artists, new places – and recently its resilience.


Which social media do you find most effective in building the Sacrebleu brand?

I find that Instagram is amazing for sharing our unique point of view. I try to put different contents in Instagram and Facebook. Facebook is also a good way to have more content and have a good SEO.

What makes Sacrebleu unique in your opinion?

We are not tour guides nor a concierge service. We are beyond this.

At Sacrebleu, we listen to our clients months before their arrival. Everything we elaborate (schedule, tours, experiences) are bespoke.

We provide unique assistance and our team helps the visitor to feel like a true Parisian.

We have a huge network and we strive to exceed expectations by proposing new ideas each time.

We have also partnered with the best hotels in Paris such as Shangri-la and Plaza Athénée and shops that will allow you privileged access.

How would you like the brand to evolve in the next 3 years?

In the next 3 years, I would love to see Sacrebleu evolve in 2 ways:

Firstly, I would like to develop our network internationally, more intensively and secondly, host unique events in Paris for the expatriate market.

The goal is to be the one and only resource for high end travellers and adopted Parisians.

Finally, Stéphanie, what advice can you give to someone who wishes to change their career to build a brand that they are truly passionate about?

You have to be bold and believe in yourself.

If you have children, you need to organise your time very carefully.

Last, but not least, any change you make needs to give you a balance in life.

You can follow Stéphanie here on: Durtti, Instagram and Facebook.

More at: www.sacrebleu-paris.com

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