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Mobile Guru Oisin Lunny Talks To Durtti About Soon Being Able To Feel The Jeans On Your Screen Before You Buy Them

If anyone knows how our mobile devices might behave in 2-3 years time, it’s Oisin Lunny. In a parallel life as a talented musician and DJ he’s supported U2, Depeche Mode, and written his fair share of film scores. But there’s another even more intriguing side to Oisin’s persona – as a seasoned mobile technologist. Durtti wants Oisin to spin the clock forward a couple of years.

In your opinion as a mobile technologist, Oisin, what commercial impact do you think haptic technology will have on the global fashion industry and when do you think we’ll be able to actually ‘feel’ the denim being advertised or written about on our smartphones?

I think haptic tech could add another dimension to many interactions one can experience on a smartphone: clothing and material previews, gaming apps, healthcare training, even dating apps!

Smartphones have evolved so fast since the launch of the iPhone, and as they are reaching global saturation their next iterations with haptics, AI, VR and AR will be utterly fascinating.

You’re also an established DJ, Composer and Producer. Gone are the days of huge SSL, Euphonix and Neve Mixing Desks and Studer and Sony DASH tape recorders, all big enough to have their own post codes! What music making app or software can’t you leave home without now?

Ah I remember those desks well, good times! Logic Pro is my go-to music composition and mixing app and has been for years.

I had a very well kitted out studio but when the mac software reached a certain point I got rid of most of it and converted to a Mac setup. I’ve never regretted it.

Ibiza or Glastonbury – if you had to choose one and why that one?

I have a confession… I’ve never been to Glasto! I’ve been offered DJ sets there but the timing has never worked out. Maybe next year. Ibiza was a lot of fun though.

What’s the most under-rated, under-utilised piece of technology or feature we all have on our smartphones today?

For businesses it has to be SMS! It’s the only communication format compatible with every one of the six billion mobile handsets on the planet. It’s hugely under utilized by businesses as an engagement channel at the moment but more major global brands are seeing the potential.

From a personal perspective I’m always surprised when people haven’t checked out the Podcast app in the iPhone, there is such good content out there and this is the easiest way to get it automatically.

Do you see yourself ever wearing a pair of 3D printed shoes and more importantly, do you ever see yourself printing a pair of 3D printed shoes?!

I would be happy to try a pair of 3D shoes and love the idea of printing them at home. Not sure if the tech is there just now but I’m sure it will be.

As a well established public speaker, how do you measure the success of your presentations?

What a great question!

My measure of success is all about the connection you make with the audience at the time, and the quality of interactions afterwards, in person or online.

Donald and Hillary turn up at your front door. Their campaign buses have broken down and they need feeding. What’s on the menu at your place?

Trump gets a Mexican buffet surrounded by a cheap miniature wall.

Hillary gets a cake festooned with the logos of her corporate donors!

Finally, Oisin, what advice can you give to someone who is very keen to make a living out of something that they are passionate about but they don’t currently possess the self confidence to get out of their existing rut?

Being in a rut can be a very isolating experience, which feeds the rut, which feeds the isolation, and so on. The best thing you can do is look for help or some kind of support, maybe from friends or organisations online.

Mindset is also a huge factor is escaping any rut so I would recommend finding some sort of regular meditation or yoga practice that works for you, it can be transformative.

Finally, get hold of the Five Minute Journal (book or app). It helps you see opportunities rather than problems and can work wonders.

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