Build Your AI Team Here!

If you are building your AI team and would like to directly reach out to fellow AI Group Members to let them know about any role(s) you are looking to fill, wherever you are based around the world, you will find this AI team building resource very useful and extremely cost effective.

You can include multiple roles in each listing if you choose, and it won’t cost you any more than the flat listing fee!

You only need to create an additional listing if the role location is different. (See listing format examples below).

Now growing at a rate of 700 new members per month, The Artificial Intelligence Group on LinkedIn is a powerful business network that enables 4000+ Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Computer Vision Researchers, Roboticists, NLP Specialists, Computational Linguists, Cognitive Neuroscientists, Autonomous Driving Experts, Computer Science and Philosophy Professors, Lecturers and PhD Students around the world to share their knowledge, expertise and ideas with each other – whenever inspiration strikes, 24/7.

It is fast becoming one of the largest business networks of screened and pre-invited AI Specialists in the world.

Role Listings all follow the same easily searchable format, alphabetically by country, then alphabetically by role title, then by age of listing with relevant links highlighted in bold pink:

(The 2 listings below are format examples only. The links are not active).


I’m Nick Harper, CTO at Buzz AI.

We’re currently looking for 3 Data Scientists and 2 Machine Learning Engineers who would like to work with us in our Sydney office. If any of these roles sounds of interest to you, please drop me a line here together with a link to your CV.

Many thanks



I’m Kathleen Smith, Director of NLP Solutions at Prism AI.

We’re currently looking for a Computational Linguist who would like to work with us in our Palo Alto office. If this role sounds of interest to you, please drop me a line here together with a link to your CV.

Many thanks


A listing costs just £50 per month, per 1000 members. There are currently 4000+ members in The AI Group, so the flat listing fee is £200 for 30 days, regardless of the number of roles you are seeking to fill!

The AI Group Job Listings page is just for AI Group Members to reach out directly to fellow Members with AI related roles. This resource is not for use by recruitment agencies or other external parties.

You can quickly submit roles to be listed by filling in the boxes below.

Once you have submitted your listing, we will send you a proof for your written approval, together with payment details, within 24 hours of receipt of your listing request.

Once you have confirmed your proof, and agreed the listing rate for your submission in writing, your role will appear on The AI Group Featured Jobs page.

The page link to The AI Group Featured Jobs page is highlighted every week in The AI Group Weekly Update, sent to all 4000+ members of The Artificial Intelligence Group on LinkedIn shown here.

You can quickly submit a listing here:

(Tip! Scroll down your LinkedIn profile to Contact section, tap 'Your Profile' link, tap Copy, then paste link into this box).
(Tip! Locate role(s) office location in Google Maps, tap address at base of screen, then tap share, copy, then paste into this box).
Please allow 24 hours to receive and confirm proof and payment details.
Your email address will not appear on the listing.
From your requested start date. After this time, your listing will be removed, or if you request for it to be removed at any time before the end of your chosen listing period.
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