Reach Out To Everyone In The AI Group!

Durtti is a PR platform exclusively for use by members of The Artificial Intelligence Group on LinkedIn.

The name “Durtti” highlights the lack of clean water available to 748 million people in the world today – a problem that AI might one day solve?

Now growing at a rate of 700 new members per month, The Artificial Intelligence Group on LinkedIn is a powerful business network that enables 3900+ Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Computer Vision Researchers, Roboticists, NLP Specialists, Computational Linguists, Cognitive Neuroscientists, Autonomous Driving Experts, Computer Science and Philosophy Professors, Lecturers and PhD Students around the world to share their knowledge, expertise and ideas with each other – whenever inspiration strikes, 24/7.

The AI Group is also becoming a fantastic resource for CEO’s, CTO’s and business leaders from all industry sectors, keen to reach out to the group as a whole and get specific advice about AI requirements, unique to their businesses – from a huge number of AI Experts!

Every member is screened or pre-invited based upon their expertise. Please Do Examine The 3900+ Members List Here!

If you would like to reach out to them, there are now 3 ways you can promote yourself, your work in AI, your company and/or your AI related events.

Each week, The AI Group Weekly Update, (a text based announcement) will be sent to all members from December. It will also appear on the AI Group Wall.

1. Sponsorship Of The AI Group Weekly Update

TAP HERE to sponsor The AI Group Weekly Update

“This AI Group Weekly Update has been sponsored by (Your Business).  (12-15 words if you wish about your business). Visit us at”

Your sponsorship message will appear at the end of The AI Group Weekly Update.

Cost – £100 per 1000 members.
Therefore, sponsorship to 3900+ members costs £300.
Minimum booking, 4 consecutive weeks.

2. Events and Webinars Listings

TAP HERE to list your AI Event on The AI Group Weekly Update

If you would like to promote your (ticketed) AI related event(s) every week leading up to your event to the 3900+ members listed by offering them your chosen AI Group Members promo rate for your event, it will be clearly listed in the ‘Events and Webinars’ section of The AI Group Weekly Update. Listing order will be firstly alphabetically by country, and then by nearest date, in this format example:

Events and Webinars
The Australian AI Summit:
23-26 April 2018
AI Group Member Promo Rate:
The Chinese AI Summit:
23-26 May 2018
AI Group Member Promo Rate:

The Shanghai Big Data Conference:
23-26 June 2018
AI Group Member Promo Rate:
The LA Robotics Summit:
23-26 Feb 2018
Los Angeles
AI Group Member Promo Rate:

Cost – £100 per event listing, per 1000 members.
Therefore, one event listing to 3900+ members costs £300.
Minimum booking, 4 consecutive weeks.

3. AI Group Member Focus Features

An AI Group Member Focus Feature about you and your work in AI costs £250 per 1000 members, payable only upon your written approval of a final proof, and the feature then remains live unless you ask for it to be removed.

The cost to have your feature created and to appear on The AI Group Weekly Update to 3900+ members will therefore be £750 (@ £250 per 1000 members).

Also known as a “Durtti Feature”, it is a very efficient and cost effective way to promote AI products, AI services or AI related events to a highly relevant and extremely well targeted audience.

Each week, one AI Group Member Focus Feature will appear at the start of ‘The  AI Group Weekly Update’, emailed to all 3900+ members of the group.

As your Durtti Feature is designed to be just as relevant in 18-24 months, adding your Durtti Feature link to your email signature is also a very effective way for you to consistently share it with potential new clients.

Tap images below to see both Ewelina’s and Ryota’s Durtti Features.

Durtti Feature Pricing Ewelina Feature Illustration

I Am A Student – How Much Does A Durtti Feature Cost?

If you are a full time student and you are studying  AI related subjects, there is no charge for you to have a Durtti Feature created about you and your career plans.

What Do I Need From You To Create Your Durtti Feature?

All I need is a 3:2 landscape image of you, (minimum resolution 1000 wide x 667 high) emailed to with your name as the subject of the email.

Once I have your feature image, we can arrange a time to suit you to discuss the key messages you want to convey in your feature via Skype,  or at any time via email, or you can leave it entirely to me to  get 8 well researched questions sent over to you in the following 14 days upon receipt of the image.

If, when you receive your questions, you would like them amended in any way, or you would like specific (perhaps new upcoming product or service related) additional questions added, or questions removed, then that is no problem at all.

There is no deadline for you to answer them – just fit it in around your schedule.

When I have your answers (also sent to and your image, I will send you Durtti Feature proof1 for your review.

Durtti Feature Pricing - Ryota Matsumoto Illustration

Can Your Durtti Feature Be Amended Or Updated After Publication?

All questions will be ‘evergreen’ – your feature is designed to be just as relevant in 18-24 months to optimise its value to you.

If, however, you wish to have your Durtti Feature updated at any time to maintain currency, that can be done as often as you wish at no additional charge to you.

I look forward to creating and sharing a Durtti Feature about you and your work in AI and/or discussing AI Group Weekly Update sponsorship or event listings with you further at your discretion!

Kind regards


Chris Baillie
Founder of The Artificial Intelligence Group on LinkedIn
& Publishing Editor – Durtti

With 1 in 9 people in the World having to drink dirty, contaminated water, 10% of the profit from your Sponsorship, Event Listings and Features will be allocated to a carefully chosen selection of organisations focused on creating and providing “clean” water solutions in third world territories.

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