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Evan Brinkman Talks To Durtti About His Leading Role In Amy Schumer’s Golden Globe Nominated Film ‘Trainwreck’

Evan Brinkman has his feet very firmly on the ground. Despite his leap to stardom last year in Amy Schumer’s Hollywood movie, Trainwreck, his wisdom doesn’t allow him to forget how important his family are to him. Durtti wants to learn more.

Did you get a different type of buzz from playing a lead role in the Golden Globe nominated film Trainwreck, Evan, or was it the same exciting feeling you got when the audience applauded your very first performance as Rumpelstiltskin at the Orange Community Theater, aged 7?

Both were thrilling experiences, but the difference was I could see everyone in attendance when I was playing Rumpelstiltskin. When I was on the set of Trainwreck, I could only see the directors, lighters and everyone working on the set. It is hard to imagine how the camera holds the eyes of millions and millions of people. Right after I finished Rumpelstiltskin, I felt the excitement and the enthusiasm right away. Once I finished filming Trainwreck, I didn’t feel as much of the excitement until I saw the movie for myself and it was exciting to think of millions of people’s reactions to the movie.

You share many interests with your father, including golf, science and football. Your Dad’s a surgeon and your mother is a nurse. Would you consider sharing their career interests at some point in the future within the medical profession?

I would definitely want to study more in the medical area. I am fascinated by physiology, biology and anatomy. I consider myself a people person. I do like to work with other people and think I would enjoy the practice of medicine.

What was the most valuable lesson you learnt from working with your Trainwreck co-star, Amy Schumer?

Even though comedy comes very natural to her, she works very hard at comedy. With acting, she taught me that you never know it all. You can always learn more. She also taught me to not get a big head and to always be humble and to be able to laugh at yourself.

You’re also a bit of a Minecraft expert. Which Minecraft YouTuber are you most into at the moment and why them?

I don’t follow that many Minecraft you-tubers, but occasionally I will watch CaptainSparklez. He is very funny and brings a smile to my face every time I watch him. He is also very entertaining when he makes his Minecraft videos.

As a middle child, you are very close to your two sisters, Ellie and Ava, both of whom were adopted from Chinese orphanages. What inspires you most about each of them?

My older sister Ellie is 14 and a swimmer. She gets up at 3:45am to do a morning swim practice, attends High School and returns to the swimming pool at 5:00pm to participate in two swim practices in one day. She is also in the AICE program and has straight A’s.

My younger sister Ava is 8 and works very hard to pursue being a diver. She stretches and does what it takes to be a diver. She is vey intelligent. She is also very competitive and refuses to lose at anything!

With its Golden Globe nomination, Trainwreck is becoming a “classic” comedy. Do you prefer playing “comedy”or “serious” roles? If you have a preference, why this choice?

I prefer comedy because I feel more relaxed. I am more comfortable to make people laugh than to make them feel on edge or cry. This being said, I would still like to pursue the challenge of dramatic roles.

What other projects have you been working on since Trainwreck premiered?

I have a couple of projects in pre-production and I am very excited to be a part of the cast.

Finally, Evan, what advice can you give to a child actor like yourself who is auditioning tomorrow morning for their first role in a Hollywood film?

Know the character, know what feelings the character is having, know what is happening to the character during the scene or scenes. If the casting directors ask you, ”Tell us a little bit about yourself” tell them about your family, where you go to school, what your hobbies are and about what makes you you.

Most of all, be yourself and be prepared!

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