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Entrepreneur And Investor Magnus Jern Talks To Durtti About A Very Simple And Environmentally Friendly Alternative To Plastic Bottled Water

Magnus Jern doesn’t drink bottled water. He doesn’t need to. With his Midas touch and strong reputation for nurturing and developing successful international businesses, TAPP Water, his latest venture is destined to succeed. With ‘clean’ water solutions being of fundamental importance to the Durtti brand, we wanted to find out more about TAPP Water and its potential economic and environmental benefits to both consumers and our increasingly vulnerable planet.

Can you describe what TAPP Water make in 20-30 words, Magnus?

Our mission is to empower people to easily get clean and healthy water from the tap, and thereby save money and reduce the environmental impact.

What inspired you and your business partner Alex to develop the TAPP Water brand?

We come from Sweden and Germany where the tap water is great and we never consider buying water in a bottle. Since moving to Spain we both experienced the inconvenience, cost and environmental impact of bottled water.

And it’s obviously not just us!

8 million households purchase more than 5 billion plastic bottles every year.

The team of experts behind Tapp Water spent almost 2 years researching the market, testing different types of filters and creating TAPP 1 as a solution to this problem.

TAPP 1 is a granular active carbon filter that attaches directly to the faucet and filters out chlorine, taste and odour, sediments, volatile organic compounds (e.g. THM), pesticides and reduces lime scale and lead.

Later we also realised that showering with highly chlorinated water is another challenge.

As a result we created TAPP 1S which is a shower filter based on KDF filter technology which vastly reduces dryness of hair and skin and risks of cancerogenic substances from showering.

The filters are targeted for any country that has drinkable tap water.

How much does a TAPP Water product cost to purchase?

We want to make it as easy as possible and therefore we offer TAPP as a service where customers pay €60 (about 50 GBP) per year including filter and refill cartridges for clean water. Customers can monitor their usage through MyTapp on the website or app and we remind them when it’s time to change the filter.

We also offer customers to buy TAPP 1 standalone for 39 euro + 35 euro per package of 2 refill cartridges.

The shower filters are based on the same model.

Is it easy to attach a TAPP Water product to a kitchen tap?

Yes, for most faucets it installs in less than 20 seconds. So far we’ve got a 95% success rate. A few require a special adapter.


How long does each filter last before it needs replacing – and how much do those replacement filters cost?

The filters last 1500 litres (400 gallons) or about 3 months for a household of 2-3 people with normal consumption. For bigger households it’s more like 2 months.

What is the purpose of the TAPP Water App?

The app makes it easy for users to monitor their TAPP filter to know when it needs to be replaced, how much money they’ve saved and the CO2 reduction. It’s optional for users but we’ve found that people are proud of showing it to their friends and check in often to check status.

The business is based in Barcelona. Do you have plans do you have to grow the TAPP Water brand internationally in the next 2-3 years?

Yes, of course. Any place that has drinkable but poor tasting, smelly or highly chlorinated water is a target market for us. As a matter of fact we are doing an exclusive launch for Durtti fans in the UK. Use promo code Durtti here for an 8% discount.

Finally, Magnus, if there was one stark fact that you believe would convince someone to stop drinking plastic bottled water and instead replace it with a TAPP Water product, what would it be?

Each gallon of bottled water takes about 3 gallons of water as well as 3 tons of CO2 and 23 gallons of oil for every ton of PET produced – and this doesn’t even include transportation!

In addition to this, bottled water costs you at least 100x more than tap water and there is no scientific evidence that it’s healthier. Why this waste?

We obviously hope people choose TAPP, but happily support whatever alternative works for them.

More info: tappwater.co

You can follow Magnus here on: Durtti and Facebook.

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